Studio Secrets: Behind the Scenes at the Photoshoot

June 01, 2016 1 Comment

Studio Secrets: Behind the Scenes at the Photoshoot
Photoshoots are super fun work that I absolutely love. They're one of my favourite things to do; I get to use a completely different part of my creative brain, I collaborate with local photographers, makeup/hair artists and models, and I get to shop for clothing to create the perfect looks to pair with my jewelry. And they're really not that hard. What's not to love?




Step one is always the inspiration board. I try to keep in mind some main themes from the collection, plus a dash of what currently gets me jazzed. This spring I was working with feminine, delicate gemstones like rose quartz and herkimer diamonds, and I loved the nod to 90's ballerina chic happening in fashion, with off the shoulder boat-neck tops and neutrals paired with pink. I've always loved a top-knot (a throw back to my baby days as a little ballerina), and felt it fit in perfectly.


Basically the next step is to search for visual inspiration online. I wish it was fancier than that, but honestly that's what I do next! There's so much available online to get inspired by, so that's where I head. I take screen caps of my faves, then assemble them into an inspiration board that usually goes to my photographer and make-up artist. I was fortunate to work again with Kaja from KajaPhoto, and Anthonia Bejide for hair and make up, along with a beautiful new model named Janis.




Once the theme is set, it's time to shop! Here's what I found at Forever 21 this time. I set everything up on hangers in my studio and put the pieces together in sets, then snap quick pics with my phone of everything together so I can get a more objective look. At this point I'm basically guessing what will work in photographs, and sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I get it wrong. I always have some back up clothing in case a look doesn't translate on screen so that I can quickly make changes on the fly.


The day of the shoot consists of LOTS of prep before we get to the shooting stage. The backdrop and lighting has to be decided on and set up, tweaked and test shots taken. The model has her hair and make-up done, then is styled in the clothing with the jewelry before even getting in front of the camera. Usually we do some test shots so everyone loosens up and things look natural, and off we go!


SPOILER ALERT! What you see in the front is often not what is going on in the back. How funny are these shots? All is normal in the front, but in the back, the clothing is clipped and pinned, and the jewelry is taped to keep it at the right length and in place. The jewelry is constantly being fixed and arranged during the shoot, and things like wrinkles and how the clothing lays is adjusted throughout as well. Since the model is always moving and trying new poses everything that is not completely secured down will move as she does, which means constant tweaking and fixing!



Worth all that fun work, no? I sure think so! There's nothing like collaborating with professionals to produce beautiful images, and this was one of my favourite shoots so far! I was so over the moon happy with the final results!! Let me know your thoughts too! Did anything surprise you about the process? Do you have questions? Leave a comment below!

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June 01, 2016

Love the rose blouse and the grey shirt photos, and of course your work! I’d love to see some little arrow jewellery or mini hearts for a kiddie line- I can just picture my baby girl wearing your stuff already!

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