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Deep Summer

July 26, 2017

Deep Summer

It's almost August; that sultry, lush time of the year when we're all searching for a lake to jump into and forests begin to look almost tropical. Thunderstorms and fireflies, lazy days and dreams of pre-fall. We're heading into deep summer now. 

In studio we've already started planning new pieces for FW 17/18, and will be releasing a sneak peek soon! In the meantime, here's some of what's making us excited this time of year.

Deep summer is all about contrast, big blooms and rich colour, so it's only natural that we'd be thinking about what to pair to match mama Earth. We love the rich violet and burnt orange hues of an airy Indian-inspired printed dress paired with a mixed-metal beauty or two, especially if they're statement makers like these agate and charoite stunners. Wear one long and one short to keep it interesting.

Pictured: (bottom) OOAK Agate + Pyrite Mixed Metals Necklace, (top) OOAK Charoite Mixed Metals Necklace


Kimonos rule deep summer nights with effortlessly gorgeous fringe and sheer, sexy fabric. Find one in a dramatic black with pops of bright floral and pair with a white tee and a sparkling statement necklace or two. Let it fall off your shoulder a little and the night won't let you down. Hello, goddess.

Pictured: (top) OOAK Turquoise Mixed Metals Necklace, (bottom) OOAK Titanium Druzy Mixed Metals Necklace

Crystals are the mainstay of a sweet deep summer vibe, and what better way to call in all that good sun-powered energy than by wearing one at your throat. Pair this quartz & turquoise slice with deep marine blue, some comfy leggings and get yourself to an outdoor music festival like, now. Don't forget your sunscreen, you're going to need it.

Pictured: OOAK Quartz Slice + Turquoise Necklace

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