Moonburst Necklace - Gemstone


Necklace choice
  • These handmade necklaces feature luminous high-grade gems set in a sterling silver bezel on a faceted 14k gold-filled or sterling silver textured full circle.
  • Disc is approx 12mm, stone is approx 6mm. 
  • Choose your necklace
  • Necklace 1: 14k gold-fill + amethyst (birthstone for February, the stone of happiness)
  • Necklace 2: Sterling silver + amethyst (birthstone for February, the stone of happiness)
  • Necklace 3: 14k gold-fill + peach moonstone (the stone of wisdom)
  • Necklace 4: 14k gold-fill + labradorite (a Canadian stone from Labrador, the stone of self-confidence)
  • Necklace 5: 14k gold-fill + garnet (the stone of loyalty)
  • Necklace 6: sterling silver + rainbow moonstone (the stone of femininity, protects while traveling. 
  • 16" chain with free 2" extender to a max length of 18". Ask about other lengths.
  • As with all our jewelry, made using just our hands, some well-loved tools, and incredible care in Ottawa, Canada.
  • What is 14k gold-fill? It's a thick layer of solid 14k gold that's been heat-bonded to a brass core. 14k gold-fill is up to 16x thicker than something that's been gold-plated. This means you'll get much more wear out of your beautiful jewels because this gold doesn't flake or rub off!




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