Our 3 favourite ways to chill out & appreciate the moment.

    1. Remember to breathe. Most of us are pretty unaware of our breath. We spend time in front of the computer or our work tables so completely absorbed in our stuff that we tend to lose touch with our physical selves. Try to take a few seconds every so often during the day to check in with yourself and gently focus on your breath. You can even set a reminder on your smart phone (I definitely do this!). Breathe deep into your belly for a count of five, then release your breath slowly through your nose. Repeat five times. Notice your renewed focus and sense of peace. It's kind of amazing.

    2. Pay attention to nature. I completely love nature and wish I lived in the country. But I don't. I have to consciously look around my city-scape to find bits of green grass and the odd squirrel (and yes, some of them are pretty odd). I've managed to find some beautiful natural places hiding all over the city, and consciously make an effort to connect with those places during my week, even just for 10 minutes. Paying attention to the nature that is around me keeps me centered and grateful for what's there, instead of focused on what's missing.

    3. Practice gratitude. I'm not going to lie here, this can be a hard one. Some days things aren't going so great and finding something to be grateful for seems elusive. The biggest lesson I've learned about gratitude is that you can start small. Like really tiny. Like, "I'm grateful for how comfortable my bed is" small. It's all about a tiny shift in your perception and awareness that slowly leads you to a habit where you just start looking for things to be grateful for. Also kind of amazing.

      Post your comments below about what you do to stay centered.
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