Jewelry Glossary

14k gold-fill: A thick layer of solid 14k gold that's been heat-bonded to a brass core. 14k gold-fill is up to 16x thicker than something that's been gold-plated.

This means you'll get much more wear out of your beautiful jewels because this gold doesn't flake or rub off!

You can wear gold-filled in freshwater (shower, washing hands, lake, etc.) without worrying that it will lose it's beautiful gold colour.

Our best-selling textured stacking rings are made from 14k gold-filled.

Sterling Silver: a metal alloy. 92.5% (by weight) pure silver is added to 7.5% (by weight) copper, resulting in the sterling silver we use. Our best-selling smooth sleeper hoops are made from sterling silver.

Hammered Texture: a decorative finish composed of multiple soft indents created by hand using a round-edged hammer. See this texture in our hammered stacking rings and our hammered medallion necklaces.

Faceted Texture: a decorative finish composed of multiple thin indentations created by hand using a sharp-edged hammer. See this texture in our faceted disc hoops!

Sleeper Hoop Earrings: handmade hoop earrings that are one continuous loop, so they can comfortably fit any piercing without an earring back. Open by twisting the ends in opposing directions, insert into your piercing, then twist closed. Try on our smooth and twist sleepers!

Threader Earrings: dangly earrings made with a length of fine chain attached to an earring post. You insert the earring post into your piercing and gently pull, bringing the chain through your piercing. You can wear our threader earrings long or short!

Hypoallergenic Metal: jewelry made out of pure metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold-fill. Ideal for those who have a sensitivity to certain materials such as nickel. All the metals we work with (including our earring posts and backs) are hypoallergenic for most people. Check out our twist stick studs!