The 3 must-have earring styles for every jewelry box

The 3 must-have earring styles for every jewelry box

When it comes to accessorizing, earrings are going to be your best friend. More than any other jewelry style, earrings have the power to transform any outfit and add a touch of elegance or edginess. Most people we ask say they don't feel 'dressed' without their earrings. We totally agree!

But with so many earring styles to choose from, how do you know which ones are essential for your jewelry collection? Let's break down our top three must-have earring styles that everyone should have in their jewelry box.

1. Minimalist Studs or Sleepers

Every fashionista needs a pair of minimalist studs or sleepers in their earring collection. These timeless classics are perfect for everyday wear and can effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Whether you prefer a simple metal-only stud, a petite gemstone stud or a sleek gold sleeper, these earrings are versatile and can be worn with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a little black dress. They're also perfect if you have multiple piercings, and look amazing when you work from largest to smallest as you head up your earlobe.

Plus since our earrings are made from sterling silver or 14k gold-fill, you can easily leave these cuties in to cut down on getting-ready time in the morning!

2. Hoops

No earring collection is complete without a pair of hoops. Hoop earrings have been a fashion staple for decades and continue to be a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.

From small hoops to thicker statement hoops, minimalist to botanical vintage, there is a style to suit every taste. Hoops can add a touch of glamour to any outfit and are perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

One of our most-gifted styles are the Comfort Collection beaded hoops, with moveable beads to encourage fidgeting that helps calm you down. We love!

3. Something Fancy: Ear Climbers, Ear Jackets or Ear Cuffs

For special occasions when you want to feel extra fancy, ear climbers, ear jackets or ear cuffs are a must-have. These unique earring styles are guaranteed to turn heads because they're so different from the norm.

Our ear climbers are designed to crawl up the earlobe, creating a cool edgy vibe. Try pairing them with your hair half-up, or tucked behind one ear to accentuate the sparkle they create.

Our ear jackets pair with gemstones, and the textured disc can sit behind or in front of the earlobe, creating a stunning and substantial look. These beauties also completely separate, which means you can wear the studs on their own (see point #1! We love a double-duty purchase!).

Our ear cuffs are made from a textured and curved single piece of metal, and curve gently under your earlobe, creating a substantial look that's super easy to wear. One of our most-loved designs, often people grab them in both sterling silver and 14k gold-fill so they have the perfect option for every outfit!

Whether you choose ear climbers, ear jackets or ear cuffs as statement pieces, they are sure to make you feel like a true fashionista.

Now it's time to start building your jewelry collection. Remember, investing in high-quality earrings will ensure that they last for years to come and can be passed down as heirlooms. So go ahead, experiment with different styles, and let your earrings be a reflection of your personal style and individuality.

Happy accessorizing!

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