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Welcome to the style jungle! A hot, steamy summer is around the corner. WE PROMISE. It really, really is. It's one of our most loved AND hated seasons. Here's why:

  1. SHORTS. Let's talk about shorts for a second. Are they instruments of torture? Too much non-sunkissed leg showing, not enough give, a whole lot of riding up. Ugh. We quit wearing them until we learned this little bit of trickery from a friend: buy them one size up. YES! Buy one size larger than you normally would in pants, and voila! It's like magic. They are comfortable, they don't ride up, and we're so happy we don't care about how blinding our pre-sun legs look. Shorts are now our go-to summer staple.
  2. HOW THE HECK DO I ACCESSORIZE IN THE HEAT? Yep, we hear you. How do you wear your fave jewelry when it's too hot for necklaces and bracelets. Our solution? Pare down. Just become a minimalist mama for a little while. Accessorize with a few of our gemstone stacking rings or stack up some rad silver bangle bracelets.  We super love our beachcomber shell collection for this time of year too! Remember to put your sunscreen on and let it dry before you put on all your bling. Harsh chemicals are hard on jewelry.
  3. SANDALS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. OMG yes please! Our toes are dying to get out. We love the look of perforated leather sandals this year. Keep them looking new with a natural leather conditioner, and pair them up for a night out with a maxi dress and our super-luxe multi-functional druzy necklace and wrap bracelet in black spinel or labradorite. Looovvve!

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