We fully guarantee the craftswomanship of jewelry purchased directly from us for as long as you have them!

This means if your chain breaks, we fix it for free. If your stone pops out (it happens!) we fix or replace it for free. We also offer free cleaning.


Here's some examples of what we would charge a repair fee for:

✧ A broken chain that shows visible stretching or pulling

✧ A ring that's been smashed or caught on something and needs to be re-set or re-soldered, or a stone that's cracked or crushed due to extreme force

✧ A modification to a necklace or ring to increase or decrease it's size or length

✧ Cleaning or repair of jewelry that's been worn in circumstances we advise against (i.e. jewelry that's been worn in a hot tub, chlorinated pool, salt water, etc.)

Should you need a repair under warranty, please email us with clear, well-lit photos of the issue, along with your proof of purchase (order number).

Please note that attempting to repair the item yourself or by another jeweller will void its warranty as we will no longer be able to accurately determine what caused the damage.

Lifetime warranty applies only to jewelry purchased directly from us and is subject to availability of materials.