Jewelry Glossary

14k gold-fill: It's a thick layer of solid 14k gold that's been heat-bonded to a brass core. 14k gold-fill is up to 16x thicker than something that's been gold-plated. This means you'll get much more wear out of your beautiful jewels because this gold doesn't flake or rub off! Our best-selling textured stacking rings are made from 14k gold-filled.

Annealing: the process of heating metal and allowing it to cool slowly, in order to make it more malleable in order to shape it. This is how we make our 14k gold-fill ear wraps.  

Bezel Pusher: a tool used to shape the rim of the bezel cup over a stone to secure it in place. We use a bezel pusher to set our Petite Gemstone Necklaces.

Bezel Setting: a cup-shaped setting for a stone with a rim that secures the stone in place. See the bezel setting in our opal gemstone rings and studs!

Dremel: a hand-held rotary tool with various attachments used to polish and smooth wire ends. We use a dremel to finish and smooth the ends of all our hoops and ear pins.

Druzythe sparkly bits in the middle of a geode of quartz crystal, along with some other stones. Our white druzy stud earrings are natural and from the earth, and each stone is unique!
Extender: a length of chain added to necklaces that can be used to lengthen necklaces, if desired. All of our necklaces come with a complimentary 2-inch extender chain, like our baby box chain

Faceted Texture: a decorative finish composed of multiple thin indentations created by hand using a sharp-edged hammer. See this texture in our faceted disc hoops!  

Findingsjewelry components such as bezel cups, necklace clasps, and jump rings. You'll find all of these on our opal sunburst necklace

Flux: liquid or paste used to help solder flow and bond metal together. It lowers the temperature of the metal, which helps the bonding process. It also protects the metal from firescale, which happens when the metal gets too hot and results in tarnish that is difficult to remove. We use flux to bond all of our stacking rings, like our twist stackers.  

Hammered Texture: a decorative finish composed of multiple soft indents created by hand using a round-edged hammer. See this texture in our hammered stacking rings and our hammered medallion necklaces.

Hypoallergenic Metal: jewelry made out of pure metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold-fill. Ideal for those who have a sensitivity to certain materials such as nickel. All the metals we work with (including our earring posts and backs) are hypoallergenic. Check out our twist stick studs!

Jump Ring: a small ring of wire used to link two chains together and attach pendants to necklaces. You can see them on our hammered circle pendant necklaces.
Karat: the standard measurement of gold purity - the purest gold having 24 karats. A 14k gold-filled jewelry piece consists of 14 parts gold and 10 parts brass, meaning it contains 58.3% pure gold. The look is comparable to pure gold, but is much more economical. Check out our 14k gold-fill thick hoops!
Lustre: the measurement of the quality and quantity of light that reflects off the surface of a pearl. See lustre up close in our captivating pearl studs!

Mandrel: a gradually tapered cylindrical tool that wire can be shaped around. We use mandrels to shape and size all of our rings, like our zig zag stackers.
Marquise Cut: a type of stone cut in which the stone is elongated and pointed at both ends, creating the illusion of a larger sized stone. Our amethyst marquise necklace is simply stunning.

Pickle: a liquid compound used to clean and prep freshly-soldered jewelry before it's put in the tumbler for its final stage of polishing. Note: this pickle is not for eating. ;)

Solder: a metal alloy that is used to fuse metals together. Its most common form is small pieces, called "chips". Note: these chips are also not for eating. ;)

Soldering: the act of fusing metals together using high heat. Our fusion necklaces are made from sterling silver and 14k-gold fill wire that has been soldered together to create a beautiful two-tone look. Each of our earring posts, like on our twist hoops, is soldered on by hand.

Sterling Silver: a metal alloy. 92.5% (by weight) pure silver is added to 7.5% (by weight) copper, resulting in the sterling silver we use. Our best-selling smooth sleeper hoops are made from sterling silver.

Tarnish: a thin layer of oxidization that forms naturally on sterling silver due to exposure to air, resulting in a dulling of the jewelry's finish. Tarnish is easily removed by gently rubbing the jewelry with one of our polishing cloths. Storing jewelry in plastic bags when you're not wearing it is also a good way to prevent tarnishing. All our jewelry comes in clear bags for easy storing! Our jewelry will never turn your skin green or black; this is often caused by the high nickel content in inexpensive mass-produced jewelry.

Threader Earrings: dangly earrings made with a length of fine chain attached to an earring post. You insert the earring post into your piercing and gently pull, bringing the chain through your piercing. You can wear our threader earrings long or short!

Tumbler/Tumbling: the act of polishing jewelry using a rotating barrel containing multiple small stainless steel balls, called "shot", and a soap mixture. This shot cleans and polishes jewelry for a gorgeous shiny finish! 
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