RARE MIX: The Inspiration

Guys, I'm really excited about this mini-collection for fall! If there's one constant here at Strut Jewelry, it's that we are always evolving, pushing forward creatively and trying new styles and techniques. Gotta keep it interesting, right? Mixing things up is a true reflection of my own personal style, so it's no surprise that these new pieces are a super-cool mixture of techniques, textures and metals. Authentically Strut Jewelry.

Last year I had the amazing luck of being able to take a trip to Morocco. Yeah, I know! How could a creative NOT be inspired in one of the most vibrant places on the planet? It was pretty heavenly from a visual point of view. The mix of colours, textures, scents, flavours, contrasts and oh man, can we talk about the textiles for a second? Completely amazing. I snagged two rugs, tons of pottery and argan oil, and I STILL wish I could have brought more home with me. Darn baggage restrictions!

The statement necklaces in this collection feature pendants I brought back with me that have been cast in bronze, paired with sterling silver and 14K gold-fill, oxidized fish bone chain and some vintage components. I love the contrast created by the mixed metals, the dark oxidization paired with the bright hammered precious metals. These pieces are essential staples for the modern gypsy who values unique jewelry. Check out the new pieces online now! Coming soon to shows and shops.

Photography: Kaja Photo, Model: Megan Brady, MUA: Sammi McLeod



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