Candy-Coated Spring

February 22, 2016 1 Comment

If you live where I do (or close to it), then it's still winter. I super envy anyone who is able to leave their home without winter gear right now, but I know spring is coming! Right? Pleeeeeease tell me that spring is coming. Here's some spring trends that are keeping me going right now:
  1. PASTELS. Loves, this is one of my fave things about the shift from winter to spring; SOME COLOUR! Don't get me wrong, I adore my neutrals, blacks and greys, but when my wardrobe is too matchy-matchy with the colour of the sky and the melting snow, I know I'm craving some juicy hues to liven things up. I'm really digging all the pastels this season, especially the lavenders, mints and corals popping up everywhere. Are you?
  2. BRONZE & GOLD. I'm seeing this trend only get stronger as you guys are continuing to LOVE your warm metal tones. And guess what? They pair perfectly to offset the sweet pastels and edgy destroyed denim that is staying front and center this spring. Try a medium-sized statement neckpiece like our new Bronze Crescent Moon Necklace - you'll find that it's complete perfection with both casual weekend kicks and your suede booties at work. Not too much, not too little. The perfect porridge, shall we say? ;)
  3. STRIPES. Ugh, I can't even with the minimalist stripes this season!! I love them so much. If you're hesitant on this trend then start super small with some tiny black and white ones on a casual top. Pair with our Gold-Fill Wrap Bangle Bracelet to mimic the lines, add your fave denim and voila! You are now perfectly styled. You're welcome.

What are your fave spring trends? I'd love to hear. Comment below!

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Barbara Spaxman
Barbara Spaxman

February 22, 2016

I love this blog – makes me very excited to think of spring coming and all the yummy colour choices to brighten our spirits, topped off with some gorgeous shiney and pretties that you have created :)??

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