Calendar Chic: Gemstones For Every Day of the Week And Their Meanings

Calendar Chic: Gemstones For Every Day of the Week And Their Meanings

Many of us are familiar with birthstones; the gemstone that represents our birth month. But did you know that there are also gemstones assigned to each day of the week?

The days of the week are named after planets in the solar system, and each one has a gemstone associated with it and its energy. It's believed that wearing each day's gemstone allows the wearer to draw on energy from the corresponding planet.

Try pairing your birth-month stone with the gem associated with the day you were born for extra good vibes!
Sunday: Diamond
As its name suggests, Sunday represents the sun. Diamonds have been assigned to Sunday because of their extraordinary physical properties and symbolic uses.

One of its earliest symbolic uses was as a Hindu devotional statue. In traditional Hinduism, there are upwards of 14 names assigned to diamonds, one of them being "Agira", meaning "fire" or "the sun".

Diamonds bring good health and achievement - the perfect vibe for Sunday chores or getting your lounge on!
strut jewelry petite diamond ring
Monday: Moonstone & Pearl
Monday represents the calming energy of the Moon. Its assigned stone, moonstone, was believed by the ancient Romans to have been created from moonbeams.

Pearl is also associated with Monday, as its captivating lustre reminds us of the moon's beautiful glow. Pearl is said to enhance love; both self-love and romantic love, while moonstone is a divinely feminine stone that promotes happiness and protects during travel.

Pairing these two stones together might just ward off the Monday blahs!
strut jewelry pearl stacking ring
strut jewelry moonstone stacking ring
Tuesday: Ruby
Tuesday represents the fiery energy of Mars. It only makes sense that Tuesday's gemstone is ruby, as its fiery glow perfectly resembles the planet.

The name ruby originated from the Latin word ruber, which literally translates to red. Ruby symbolizes honour and vitality, while also promoting good health, wealth, and wisdom.

Rubies are also believed to improve motivation, and we need all those vibes on a Tuesday!
strut jewelry petite ruby stacking ring
Wednesday: Amethyst
Wednesday represents the planet Mercury. Wednesday got its name in English from the Norse god, Odin, who was linked to the Roman god Mercury.

Amethyst is assigned to Wednesday because centuries ago, Amethysts were incredibly rare and valuable, and were only worn by the most powerful figures. Amethyst is the stone of happiness, and is said to keep negative energy away.

Wearing this gorgeous gem on hump day ensures positive vibes only!
strut jewelry amethyst stacking ring
Thursday: Sapphire
Thursday represents Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. The day is named after the Roman god Jupiter, who was the god of sky and thunder.

The gorgeous-yet-stormy blue in sapphire reminds us of the sky and how weather can change at a moment's notice. Derived from the Latin word saphirus and the Greek word sapheiros, both meaning blue, sapphire is the stone of wisdom.

Wearing this celestial stone on Thursday will help guide you through the day and maybe even make Friday come a little faster ;)

Friday: Emerald
Friday represents the bright and beautiful planet Venus. The ancient Romans believed that emeralds represented Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love.

Derived from Old French, Middle English, Latin, and Ancient greek, its name literally translates to green gem. Emerald is the stone of intuition, and a symbol of patience and understanding.

Adorn yourself in emeralds on Friday, because you patiently made it through the week - looking absolutely gorgeous while doing so!
strut jewelry petite emerald stacking ring
Saturday: Turquoise
Saturday represents the ringed planet, Saturn. Turquoise is often assigned to Saturn because the stone's strong blue-green colour is a spiritual match to the intense energy of the planet.

Of French origin and meaning Turkish stone, the name refers to the Turkish traders who introduced the gem to Europe in the 13th century.

Turquoise represents friendship, renewal, and joy - what better stone to represent Saturday?
strut jewelry petite turquoise stacking ring
What's your favourite gemstone of the week? Let us know in the comments below!
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