How Do You Hue? Our Favourite Mood-Boosting Colour Palettes

How Do You Hue? Our Favourite Mood-Boosting Colour Palettes

Finding a perfect colour balance is key to perfecting any outfit, but choosing the right colours can be tricky. You want your clothes to be on-point, but you also want your jewelry to stand out.

Did you know that every colour affects your mood, even just a little bit? Let's get you feeling amazing!

Using a colour wheel is one of our favourite #lifehacks to help see which colours go well together. Choosing a colour palette that reflects how you're feeling is a great way to start your day off right.

Read on for some tint-spiration!

Warm vs. Cool Colours
The colour wheel can be divided into two distinct sections: warm and cool. The colours red, orange, yellow are warm colours, and blue to green and purple are cool colours. 14k gold-fill is a warm tone, and sterling silver is a cool tone.

Warm colours evoke feelings of excitement and energy, while cool colours are often associated with calmness and quiet.

This is a great way to start colour coordinating your outfit: by deciding if today's vibe is sun-and-fun, or chillin' like a villain. 

strut jewelry amethyst ring in gold
strut jewelry rainbow moonstone rings

Complementary Colours - for when you want to make an impression
These colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Although they're contrasting in hue, they balance each other and create a harmonious look.

This colour combo is perfect for when you want to stand out in a crowd, make a strong first impression, or simply feel oh-so vibrant while grocery shopping.

Two examples of complementary colours are blue and orange. Blue symbolizes calm, peace, intelligence, and faith, while orange is associated with warmth, creativity, determination, and success.

Try pairing a blue top with our petite gemstone necklace and stacking ring in peach moonstone for a gorgeous glow, or an peachy top with our petite sapphire stacking ring or our labradorite pieces for a pop of blue.

strut jewelry peach moonstone
strut jewelry labradorite necklace

Analogous Colours - for when you want to relax  
These colours are next to each other on the wheel. They create a pleasing and relaxed look; perfect for a chill night in. 

Analogous colours can be styled in twos or threes, depending on how many hues you want to showcase.

Deep red and light purple pair well together, as do blue and green. Red is associated with passion and desire, while violet is the colour of imagination and spirituality.

Try wearing our petite ruby stacking ring with a violet jumper and see how well they complement each other. The ruby's colour is deep and intense in low light, but once the sun hits, she glows like fire. 

Our moonstone marquise necklace look amazing paired with a light green or blue top, the cool tones together are smooth as ice. 
strut jewelry ruby ring
strut jewelry moonstone necklace
Triadic Colours -  for when you want stability  
These colours are found in a triangle formation on the wheel, for example: green, purple, and orange.

Green symbolizes balance and luck, and purple is associated with luxury and wisdom. Paired with the determination of orange, these colours are grounding and stabilizing.

Triadic colours are best matched by picking one main colour, and having the other two as accents. Our petite gemstone necklaces and stacking rings in peach moonstone, amethyst, and labradorite are the perfect accent pieces.

Try pairing a purple dress with our peach moonstone necklace in 14k gold-fill, and top off your outfit with our petite emerald stacking ring. Good things come in threes.

strut jewelry petite emerald stacking ring

Black and White - for when you want to be the star of your own movie 
While bright colours are fun to play around, sometimes you want to keep it simple, and we totally get that. Black and white is a classic combo, and we love to accessorize these shades.

Our connection chains in 14k gold-fill sparkle beautifully with a white or black top, as do our carbon black druzy studs. Pair these two beauties together for a timeless look.

The colour black represents sophistication and independence, while white represents new beginnings. Paired with the colour gold, which represents success and achievement, these shades will make you look and feel like you stepped right out of an Old Hollywood movie!

strut jewelry gold chain

How do you hue?
Whether your vibe is bright hues or subdued tones, using a colour wheel will help you customize the perfect outfit in no time. So you can spend less time deciding, and more time styling! 

We'd love to hear your favourite colour palettes in the comments below.
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