Let's Get Cozy: Our Fave Pieces to Curl Up In This Month

Let's Get Cozy: Our Fave Pieces to Curl Up In This Month

Hello, February! Each day is filled with chunky sweaters, warm drinks, and cozy nights in. Curling up on the couch has never been more appealing, so this month we're styling our jewelry based on comfort and coziness.

Read on for our favourite pieces that will make you feel like you're wrapped in the most snuggliest of blankets!
Surround yourself in cozy circles
We like to imagine that wearing golden circles will coax the sun out on those especially cloudy days.

Our Beaded Circle Pendant Necklace is minimal, modern, and looks perfect over a knit sweater. And the moveable beads are perfect for fidgeting and playing with as you watch a movie on the couch - we've tried it!

Try pairing it with our Beaded Circle Stud Earrings (the beads move here too) for a comforting combo that's super stylish.
strut jewelry beaded circle pendant necklace
strut jewelry beaded circle studs
Perfect pearls
The glowing luminescence of our pearl and gold bead bar necklaces keeps us warm all day long. In white or iridescent, these beauties can be effortlessly dressed up or down.

And our Pearl drop earrings have just the right amount of dangle but aren't too long to interfere with scarves. Plus they look super cute peeking out from under a beanie!

All part of our Comfort Collection, each of these pieces have movable beads that you can twirl and play with all day everyday.
strut jewelry white pearl + gold bead bar necklace
strut jewelry iridescent pearl drop earrings
Ground yourself 
In a month full of fleece blankets, fuzzy socks, and knit sweaters, February is all about touch and feeling. And our Beaded Hoop Earrings and Petite Gold Bead Bar Necklace are the height of cozy tactile comfort. 

Moving the beads is so calming and centering, and can we please have a moment for how glowy these guys are? Adorning yourself in these pieces is the ultimate in self-care. 
strut jewelry beaded hoop earrings
strut jewelry petite gold bead bar necklace
Amethyst adoration
The mystical birthstone of February, Amethyst carries ethereal vibes and regal violet tones. The stone of happiness, this glowing purple gem re-energizes us and promotes joy.

Wrapping your hands around a warm mug while wearing our Petite Amethyst Stacking Ring is definitely #cozycouture, and we're 100% here for it.

Paired with a few of our gold-fill textured stacking rings, we can't wait to ring in February with this chic combo!
strut jewelry gold fill stacking ring

With all things cozy on our minds this month, jewelry is no exception. We can all use a little comfort, especially during the colder months.

Lounging can (and should be!) luxurious, and we're all about treating yourself to the jewels that make you feel happy.

What's your go-to cozy piece? Let us know in the comments below!


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