Mermaid's Treasure: The Mythology of Aquamarine

Mermaid's Treasure: The Mythology of Aquamarine

Aquamarine, as its name suggests, has long been associated with the sea. One look at its tropical, shimmery blue tones, and you can see exactly why! Its name is derived from the Latin word "aqua", which means "water", and the Latin word "marina", which means "the sea".

Ancient Romans believed that aquamarine was mermaid's treasure, and aqua crystals that washed ashore had been blessed by the sea god Neptune. Those who found it would be graced with protection and good fortune.

Aquamarine became known as "the sailor's gem". Early sailors wore aqua pendants whenever they journeyed at sea. They believed that aqua would protect them from rough waters and give them courage to continue on.

Some sailors believed that the scales of a mermaid's tail were made of aquamarines, while others insisted that aqua was simply mermaid's treasure. Either way, aqua was said to hold the secrets of the sea and all its creatures.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage, and is also the birthstone of March.
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