My Top 5 Ways to Wear Stacking Rings with Intention

My Top 5 Ways to Wear Stacking Rings with Intention

Lovelies, if there's one thing that makes sweater weather even better (did that just kinda rhyme?!), it's the increased focus on your beautiful hands. Long sleeves make the eyes travel down to the hands. This is fab news for those of us who love love love stacking our rings and then staring at them while we should be paying more attention while driving (insert embarrassed-face emoji here).

But in all seriousness, it got me thinking that since we all spend so much time looking at our hands while on the computer or texting wouldn't it be cool to have little, subtle reminders throughout the day that would make us feel good beyond just how cool stacking rings look (and trust me, they look really cool)?

So with that in mind, here's my top 5 ways to wear your stacking rings with intention:

THE 'POOL PARTY': Pick your favourite finger (don't tell the others so their feelings aren't hurt), and go all out. A central focal point helps anchor this look, so experiment with a gemstone stacker (pick one whose property resonates with you) and much like ripples in a pool of water, stack outwards on both sides with our curved wave bands. Waves are synonymous with the ocean, and symbolize great strength and power. They help remind me of life's continuous ebb and flow. One of my fave combos for this look is opal paired with gold-fill wave bands, as the gold picks up on the golden fire in the gorgeous opals. Shown below is turquoise, which is awesome for promoting creativity.


THE 'BOY, BYE': When the queen of all our lives Beyonce tells us to joyfully give a two-finger send-off to those annoying guys and gals in our lives, we listen. Because she's the queen. Decorate *thoooose* fingers with simple stacking-ring goodness in gold or silver, as a playful reminder that (a) you are in control at all times, babe, and (b) life is too short to accept anything less than respect & love. So middle-fingers up, raise those hands high, and make sure they are sparkly. No need to actually flip someone off to achieve this look (unless you want to!), sometimes just daydreaming about it is enough. P.S. this look works on ANY finger, so give it a try!


THE 'THUMBS UP': Remind yourself that everything really is a-ok with a thumb ring or two. They're back in a big way (hi 90's revival!), and the easiest way to make them fresh for 2016 is with skinny stackers. Wear one for a delicate look with a bit of sparkle, or load them on for a statement look. Either way you will be so on the cutting edge that your friends will be copying you and pretending they saw it on Pinterest.

strut jewelry thumb ring


THE 'ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES': Direction & intention are both super important. If you're a hot mama on a mission, remind yourself to keep moving forward by wearing your pointed rings facing outwards. On days that you need more self care, turn 'em around to point back at your lovely self. We could all use some extra nudges to be good to ourselves and say yes to self care, so why not get one every time you look down at your (very capable) hands? Snag one for your bestie too and pay the goodness forward by teaching her this gentle reminder trick.

 strut jewelry stacking ring


THE 'MIXED METALS FOR LIFE': Honestly, this one just looks cool. But I also feel like it's representative of my life! It's kinda messy, very fluid, the pieces sometimes get out of alignment and then I spend all day fussing with them. But when you look at the entire thing, it's Like it works somehow. I picked all the colours and the shapes and the textures, and it's uniquely me. Overall, I think it's pretty great and I'm grateful for it. And that is something I can definitely use a daily reminder of.

strut jewelry stacking rings


Extra Credit: THE ENDLESS CIRCLE RING: While not exactly stacking rings, these lovely circles symbolize the cyclical nature of life; when there is bad then good will most certainly follow closely behind. They also represent the love and protection we feel when encircled by friends and family, and remind us of the simple beauty surrounding us always. And can we have a moment for how classy you'll look wearing them? You classy thing, you!

strut jewelry circle ring

Tell me what you think in the comments! How do you stack your rings? Does the idea of stacking with intention seem like something you'd try? Let me know below!

~ Alyssa

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