Our top picks for mask-friendly earring stacks

February 19, 2021

Our top picks for mask-friendly earring stacks
We know it's tough to decide how to style your jewels while wearing a mask; but don't let the that deter you from feeling put-together and pretty while still being safe. 

We've curated these strap-friendly earring stack combos just for you, and they're bringing us all the joy! Easy to put on and leave on, these mask-friendly stacks for for one, two, and three piercings are sure to bring some sparkle into your life.

Let's get stacking!

For one piercing: wide mini hoop + ear wrap 
Texture twins! Made for those who like to wear matching jewelry sets. Our new wide mini hoops are maximum minimalism, with a hand-textured finish that catches all the light. Compliment these beauties with a single wide ear wrap on one side only for an asymmetric yet super put-together stack. 
strut jewelry wide ear wrap with mask

For two piercings: ear cuff + orb stud
Everyday ear candy. Our hammered ear cuff is the perfect mix of edgy and modern. Wear with our clean and minimalist orb stud earrings that are smooth, shiny, and perfectly petite. Ear stacking is a great way to mix and match metals; try wearing a sterling silver ear cuff with our 14k gold-filled orb studs for some curated mixed-metal contrast.
strut jewelry ear cuff orb stud with mask

For three piercings: sleeper hoop + orb stud + mini opal stud
Simple and sparkly. Start with our smooth or twist sleeper hoops as your base. For a touch of minimalist delicacy, pair with our gold-filled orb studs. And to complete the look, our luminous new mini opal studs are the perfect cherry on top of this fun and easy earring stack.
strut jewelry three earrings with mask

Space, space, baby
The earrings you choose should occupy their own space on your ear so as not to look crowded. Pairing two large studs together can make your ear look busy, but wearing a sleeper hoop with a stud or an ear cuff creates a sense of space and dimension without looking overloaded. 

Balance is key
When wearing multiple earrings in one ear, we recommend starting with the largest stud or hoop in your main piercing, then gradually reducing the size so the earrings taper as they climb your ear.
Calibrate your other adornments 

When throwing an ear party, it's best to un-invite a few other jewelry items. If you're embellishing your ears, skip the necklace and add a bold yet minimal statement ring, or opt for a grouping of pretty staking bands.

You want to keep your party fun, but not overwhelming. The perfect earring stack will take centre stage to your outfit. 

Mix and match to your ear's content 
The perfect earring stack can be bold, minimal, and everything in between. There are endless combinations and possibilities, and we're all ears for your ideas.

How do you style your earrings? Let us know in the comments below!

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