Stylish Sustainability: What We're Doing to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Stylish Sustainability: What We're Doing to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Since 2009, we've created jewelry that is thoughtfully designed and gathers inspiration and materials from the world around us.

But what happens when the natural world is changing, and not for the better?

Damage to the environment is arguably the most important topic of our time, and we want to do our part to help.

Built into our mission statement is the promise to be as environmentally responsible as we can, and to consider how we can reduce our impact on the earth.

Here are a few of the ways that we're committed to stylish sustainability.


Studio practices and designing consciously

We practice what we like to call conscious design. We create our pieces to be both beautiful and purposeful. Our jewelry-making processes for each handmade piece are thought-out beforehand with a focus on minimizing waste.

For example, pieces of wire left over after making a pendant can be made into small earrings, and we make a point of repurposing or recycling raw material scraps wherever possible.

Conscious design is literally hand-built into each and every one of our pieces.

strut jewelry design sheets strut jewelry wire bits

Materials and suppliers

We save any scraps that are too small for use and send them to one of our ethical suppliers to be melted down into 14k gold-fill and sterling silver materials that can be used again.

We are committed to working with conscious suppliers in Canada, the US and abroad who support ethical and sustainable environmental, business, and labour practices.

We only use gemstones from suppliers that are fair-trade and conflict-free, and try to purchase directly from stonecutters so as much money as possible goes into the pockets of those who are actually doing the work.

In addition we have begun using some lab-grown gems (opals) which are more sustainable and have the added benefit of being more durable! Win-win!

 strut jewelry turquoise cabochons

Eco-friendly Packaging

One of our big goals for early this year was to shift into using more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, with a primary focus on reducing plastics.

We are thrilled to say that all orders are packaged in recyclable Kraft cardboard boxes with tissue paper that can be repurposed, re-gifted or recycled.

Every piece of jewelry comes in a small sealed plastic bag that is reusable, making it the perfect place to store your jewelry when it’s not being worn in order to reduce any wear and tear.

strut jewelry packaging
Testing and longevity for a more sustainable future

We believe in creating jewelry that will last a lifetime, while also being conscious of the materials and practices we use in the day-to-day.

We wear and test all our pieces for durability and longevity, so you can proudly wear them with the knowledge that you're supporting a greener future - and looking absolutely stunning while doing so!

 strut jewelry opal rings

What are some environmentally friendly things that you do in your daily life? Would you like to see us using even more lab-grown gems?

We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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