Top 5 Jewelry Styling Rules You Should Start Breaking Now
July 22, 2021

Top 5 Jewelry Styling Rules You Should Start Breaking Now

There are lots of style tips and tricks you can follow to perfect your jewelry game. But when it comes to hard and fast "rules", we like to proceed with caution. Accessorizing is all about experimenting, and most importantly, showcasing your personal style. Following these 5 common jewelry rules is definitely not a trend we're following this year!
Rule #1: you can't mix silver and gold 
Show this rule to the door! Mixing silver and gold looks spectacular, whether it's a fusion piece or pairing our sterling silver and 14k gold-fill twist sleeper hoops together. Mixing metals is fun, creative, and looks ultra modern. Plus, if you're like us and just can't choose a favourite metal, wearing both sterling silver and 14k gold-fill at once gives you the best of both worlds! 
strut jewelry fusion bar necklace
strut jewelry twist sleeper hoops sterling silver 14k gold-filled
Rule #2: you should always style similar jewelry pieces together
There is some truth to this rule, but don't let that stop you from experimenting. Wearing similarly-shaped rings, such as our beautiful zig zag rings, creates a ring stack that looks sleek and put-together. But don't be afraid to mix-and-match textures, metals, and add some gemstone rings to the party. Play around with different shapes until you find the ring stack that's perfect for you! 
strut jewelry ring stack
strut jewelry garnet ring stack
Rule #3: don't wear too many bold-coloured pieces at once
This rule doesn't apply, especially when it comes to gemstone ring stacks! We absolutely love stacking multiple gemstones together to create a gorgeous rainbow effect. You can experiment by matching similar tones together (such as pearl, opal, and labradorite) or wearing multiple tones and shades for an effortless yet oh-so eye-catching stack.
strut jewelry petite gemstone ring stack
Rule #4: less is more
Whomever came up with this rule never rocked a totally badass necklace combo. There are guidelines you can follow when rocking multiple necklaces (biggest on the bottom, layer shorter necklaces in a triangle-shape) but we're here to tell you that you can (and totally should) wear several chains at once! Make a statement and showcase your creativity with a gorgeous necklace stack. And who says you should only wear one earring in each ear? Stack those studs to your heart's content! 
strut jewelry necklace stack
strut jewelry earring stack
Rule #5: only wear jewelry you can "pull off"
There are so many articles out there advising the "appropriate" earrings for each face shape. Our advice? Wear the jewelry you like! Just because you have a round face shape doesn't mean you shouldn't wear big, circular hoops. If you love them, you'll rock them. Have you been eyeing that chunky chain but are worried that it won't suit you? Treat yourself to something new and different because it'll look gorgeous on you, babe!
     strut jewelry anklets in gold
strut jewelry hammered hoops
strut jewelry connection chain large smooth link 14k gold fill
Have you broken any of these jewelry styling rules? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!