Modern grunge style - 3 tips to make it work!

We're loving the resurgence of grunge style, but having lived it the first time around, we're hesitant to plunge in head-first and go full Pearl Jam. Here's our top 3 tips for incorporating the plaid parade into your modern gypsy style.
  1. Have fun with it! We love this trend, especially for our extra-cold Canadian fall and winter. Flannel is super cozy and big boots just make sense in the ice and snow. Brighten up the coming grey days by adding a pop of classic red plaid with an edgy grey & black outfit. It just feels good.
  2. Make it upscale with accessories. Contrast is totally the key! Ratchet that flannel plaid shirt up a notch with some sparkly, girly jewelry or accessories. Give our long Triangle Druzy Necklace a try, or pair your kick-ass black combat boots with some sparkly Violet Druzy Earrings. Create your own unique style by mixing contrasting colours & textures.
  3. Keep the rest of your outfit modern & simple. We love how a sleek leather bag is perfect with pretty much everything. Make sure you choose one with clean lines and a modern design & it will last you through many years of trends.

Share your best tips for styling grunge in a modern way in the comments below!

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