Nature's Beauty: The History of the Flora Motif

Nature's Beauty: The History of the Flora Motif

Floral motifs have been used in fashion and jewelry for centuries. Named after the botanical Goddess of flowering plants, our Flora hoops and rings have quickly become a Strut Jewelry staple.  

Designer & owner Alyssa is a total nature nerd. At one point in her teens, she wanted to pursue a career in botany! Endlessly inspired by the natural world around her, flowers are the perfect source of design inspiration. Not only are they gorgeous, but mama nature is the ultimate designer, wouldn't you agree?

It's easy to see why designers for centuries have used botanicals as inspiration; from patterns to clothing to jewelry. Aside from its eye-catching elegance, the floral motif has so much history and meaning behind it.

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One of the earliest instances of a floral motif being used in art and clothing was during the Tang dynasty period in China (8th-12th century AD).

Nature, plants, and their healing powers were held in the highest regard, and wearing nature-inspired garments was believed to promote a long and healthy life. 

Decorative flourishes during this time period often featured peonies, which symbolized beauty and good fortune.

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Florals made way to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Many botanical patterns during this period featured tulips, which symbolized true love.

Around this time, flowers became very popular in ring designs. To give someone a beautifully handcrafted floral ring was seen as the most romantic act.  

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The popularity of botanicals in fashion continued into the 20th century when Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, was given a floral scarf from Gucci in 1966.

Its pattern was designed especially for her, and the moment she wore it in public, the floral fixation started all over again.     

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Symbolizing blossoming and renewal, our Flora hoops and rings are romantic reminders of the endlessly beautiful natural world around us.

Handcrafted in modern 14k gold-fill and sterling silver, these botanical treasures are a subtle way to honour your love of nature!

Which of our Flora pieces is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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