Our Fave Summer Rings + How To Style Them On The Hottest Days

Our Fave Summer Rings + How To Style Them On The Hottest Days

It's time to ring in summer, and we're so excited to share our current ring obsessions. So grab an ice-cold drink and read on for our hottest picks and coolest tips for perfecting your #SummerStack!
Hot Girl Summer, literally 

As we head into the warmest months of the year, you may notice that some of your rings may feel a smidge tighter. This is completely normal!

The heat causes our bodies to retain more water, which leads to slight swelling in our fingers. Your rings will fit normally again when your body temperature regulates. 

That said, don't be afraid to move your rings around to other fingers! Your pointer is generally the largest, so also try your middle finger, ring finger, or even your thumb.

Perfect pointer
We love styling the pointer ring in the summer. Not only is this a super stylish look, but your pointer finger and middle finger are usually about half a size different.

Meaning if, during the day, you find that your pointer finger ring is fitting a bit snug, you can switch it over to your slightly smaller middle finger.
Can we please have a moment for our gorgeously glowy aquamarine stack? 
Back to basics 
Don't get us wrong, we love the summer weather! But let's be real: some days, it's almost too hot to wear jewelry.

During the hottest months of the year, we love going super minimal with our jewelry. Swapping out a thicker band for a thinner statement ring is one of our fave summer looks. 
Our new triple gemstone ring is like three rings in one! Aquamarine and opal are our current faves.
strut jewelry triple gem ring
Water-friendly gems + metals
Who's ready for a dip in the lake? Our friends opal, gold-fill, and sterling silver, that's who!

We work with lab-grown opals, which are more sustainable and durable than mined opals, and they don't discolour like natural opals, which means you can get them wet!

In fact, all our gemstones are happy in freshwater (except our sensitive friend pearl), so rest easy knowing your Strut Jewelry gems will last a really long time, looking shiny and beautiful!
And our two metals, sterling silver and 14k gold-fill, are both freshwater friendly. You can hop in the lake (and shower!) while wearing them without ever worrying that they'll lose their shine. 
Have you taken our new beaded comfort ring for a spin yet?
Tell us about your fave #SummerStack in the comments below! 
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