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Our Top 6 Picks for Mask-Friendly Earrings

LET'S BE HONEST - no one expected the hottest accessory of 2020 to be a face mask. But we’re ready to adapt to this fashion must-have, and honestly, a little excited for the opportunity it presents.

With a new-found focus on the face, what better time to showcase some stunning earrings? Check out our top picks for mask-friendly earrings and how to wear them!


Studs are our go-to choice because they won’t get caught in the mask straps. Plus with these minimalist metal stud earrings are neutral and will look perfect with your super cute floral or gingham masks. 

Our top picks for stud earrings

Our open circle stud earrings are a Strut Jewelry staple and must-have for any jewelry collection. They play nicely with masks due to their curved edges and small-yet-substantial size.

 strut jewelry mask with open circle earrings

Heading out to a patio for date night or girls night margaritas? Add a pop of sparkle to your mask ensemble with our druzy studs in rose gold, carbon black, white or rainbow! (Pictured below in rose gold)

 strut jewelry mask with rose gold druzy earrings

Minimalist mama? Our new tiny dot studs have you covered with a pinch of shine in an easy-to-wear style. Extra points if you've got a third or fourth piercing, these lovelies look super cute in an upper piercing too!

strut jewelry mask with tiny dot stud earrings



    While studs seem like the obvious choice when wearing a mask, other styles definitely work too! Our textured disc hoops, sleeper hoops & lucite longline ovals are all excellent options.

    Our top picks for statement-style earrings

    Our textured disc hoops in 14k gold-fill or .925 sterling silver sparkle like crazy, and since they completely close in the back you don't need to worry about fussing with your mask straps. Pair them with our sleeper hoops for a statement worth making.

     strut jewelry mask with textured disc hoops

    Sleeper hoops make the perfect set-it-and-forget-it option, especially for summer. Put these beauties on and just never take them off. Since they are an endless circle there's nothing for your mask to get caught on! Plus they look amazing layered up with multiple piercings & come in two different sizes.

    strut jewelry mask with sleeper hoop earrings

    Neutral colour mask? Add some pizazz with our lucite longline ovals (or any of our lucite styles tbh!). They are super light so they won't feel uncomfortable with behind-the-ear straps, and the stud ensures they won't fall out when you're putting your mask on.

    strut jewelry mask with lucite earrings


    Earrings to avoid

    Nobody wants to spend time fussing with their earrings, so our advice to you is to avoid styles such as; oversized hoops with no closures in the back, dangly filigree earrings or threader-style earrings with no backings.

     Safety + style can co-exisit!

    Whether you go for studs or drops, you’re going to look so fashionable while keeping others safe. It’s a win-win! 

    Drop us a comment below and tell us what your fave earring style is to wear with your mask, or ask us your style questions!

    {Beautiful floral mask by Ottawa maker @kokom_scrunchies}

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