Our Top Gender Neutral Picks For Every Day

Our Top Gender Neutral Picks For Every Day

Because jewelry is meant for everyday, and everyone. Whether you're thinking of gift ideas or purchasing for yourself, we've compiled our fave pieces that will effortlessly compliment your (or their) personal style.

As with all our jewelry, these pieces are made from long-wearing metals so you can be confident they'll last and look stunning for years!
The perfect link between modern and classic, our Connection chain necklaces are an everyday staple for everyone's wardrobe. Wear it layered or style it solo, this captivating necklace reminds us of the bonds we share with those we cherish. Our Large Flat Link is available in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled
      strut jewelry gender neutral
Our small medallion pendant necklaces in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled are perfect for making a simple statement. In hammered and faceted textures, these necklaces pair nicely with our wear-with-everything baby box chain! Try different looks by playing around with the pendant placement.
       strut jewelry medallion

Our mini dot stud earrings are pretty darn perfect.  With their super minimalist vibe, they're so easy to pair with other earrings and are so simply styled with any outfit. Available in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled, they measure approximately 3mm across.
strut jewelry mini dot stud earrings 14k gold filled
Our wide ear wraps are the perfect accessory to pair with your existing earrings, or to rock solo. You don't even need a piercing to get a bit of shine at your ear, and we love this look on everyone!
strut jewelry wide ear wrap       
These versatile little hoops can be left in all day every day. Available in signature smooth & twist textures + sterling silver & 14k gold-filled textures, our sleeper hoops can be worn in ear and nose piercings. Choose from 8mm and 10mm sizes. 
      strut jewelry smooth sleeper hoops

Our signature stacking rings are the perfect entry-point if you've never owned a ring and an essential addition to an established jewelry collection. With two metals (sterling silver & 14k gold-filled) and textures (hammered & faceted) to choose from, the only thing left to decide is how many you want! 

       strut jewelry stacking rings
Our signature stacking bands, with a twist! Simple yet fun, our twist stacking rings make a statement on their own and stacked up. Available in both sterling silver and 14k gold-filled, try wearing both metals together for an ultra modern look!
strut jewelry twist stacking rings sterling silver and 14k gold filled
Unsure of your ring size? Snag one of our re-useable ring sizers to ensure the correct fit!

Our anklets are the ultimate wear-with-everything staple. Three minimalist styles make them the ultimate in cool. Wear them layered with other anklets or style them solo, these sleek anklets are your new fave.

strut jewelry anklet

What's your fave piece from our list? Let us know in the comments below!
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