PRISM collection: The inspiration

PRISM collection: The inspiration

Our Prism Collection (dropping Oct 5th) has its own origin story. A few years ago we released the Prism ring, a chunky ring comprised of hand-hammered orbs; we were captivated by how sparkly it was, and you were too because it quickly became a best seller.

Named 'Prism' due to it's ability to reflect light in many different directions, this beauty needed some friends! Expanding on this collection has been something designer & SJ owner Alyssa has wanted to do for a while.

Just as prisms refract and reflect light, our Prism Collection is designed to capture and radiate the brilliance of every individual who wears them.

The design process

Always inspired by the natural world, sparkly things and wearable beauty, Alyssa sought to capture the essence of light and its transformative power. Just how sparkly could things get? Alyssa wondered. Drawing on a current obsession with pave diamonds, a lifelong love of contrast, and the desire to create another SJ signature collection, Alyssa began experimenting. 

And here's the thing with design; sometimes things come together quickly, and sometimes they do not. Alyssa created many samples that just didn't feel quite...right. Do the textured Prism orbs sit beneath the shapes? No, that's not right. Do they lie adjacent? Nope, not right again. Hmm, what if they are PART of the shape...yessss, we are onto something here. And hold up...using silver orbs paired with smooth gold looks a lot like diamonds. Ok, it's working now...let's goooooo! The collection was finally coming together!

How Do Prisms Symbolize Light and Beauty?

Prisms have long been associated with the concept of light and beauty. Their ability to break down white light into a spectrum of vibrant colours is a metaphor for the multifaceted nature of human beauty. Just as each colour in the spectrum contributes to the overall beauty of a rainbow, every individual possesses unique qualities that make them truly extraordinary.

Our Prism Collection celebrates the sparkle and individuality of each person, reminding us that true beauty lies in embracing our differences. Each jewelry piece in the collection is meticulously crafted to reflect this philosophy, allowing you to embrace your own inner light.

From delicate necklaces that capture the essence of moonlight reflecting off the waves of the ocean to rings that invoke sunlight glinting off angular glass architecture, each piece in the Prism Collection is a work of art. The intricate craftswomanship and attention to detail ensure that these jewelry pieces not only adorn the body but also evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

Come back and tell us what you think when the new collection drops Oct 5th!

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