She's Iconic: The History of the Heart on Valentine's Day

She's Iconic: The History of the Heart on Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is right around the corner! And the symbol most associated with this day is, you guessed it, a heart. But do you know the history of this iconic shape?

Its story likely began in the 13th or 14th century. Greek philosopher and biologist Aristotle described the human heart as a "three-chambered organ with a rounded top and a pointed bottom", and believed that all of our emotions and feelings were held within it. This description was proved medically and anatomically inaccurate a few centuries later, but that image and idea had already taken hold.

In the early 15th century, a tapestry called called "Le don du Coeur", translated as "The Gift of the Heart" showed a man holding a small red heart. This symbol became associated with emotion and love, and eventually became synonymous with romance and courtship.

Why do we use a heart for Valentine's Day? There are many theories, but our favourite is that the holiday was named after a Saint Valentine in the 3rd century who secretly married couples so that the husbands wouldn't have to go to war.

Coupled (see what we did there?) with the symbol of the human heart representing love, the iconic Valentine Heart became a timeless and classic symbol to gift to your loved one. 

strut jewelry heart locket necklace

Our heart locket necklace makes us feel both nostalgic and in-the-moment. Insert up to two special photos into this symbol of memory-keeping and love, and wear as a touchable talisman that will keep you grounded as you move through your day. This modern and minimalist locket holds so much meaning, and makes a wonderful gift. Open this locket - your heart - and keep what you cherish most inside.

strut jewelry locket necklace

🎶 I'm carrying your love with me 🎶 Representing all the little moments that make up your love story, our dainty heart bracelet is a sweet, daily reminder of endearment in all its forms.  Each heart is intertwined with the one beside, creating an endless circle of love and protection around your wrist. Pair with one of our bracelets or wear on its own; our love for this beauty is infinite.

strut jewelry heart bracelet

Reminding us to always be open-hearted, our heart studs and pendant necklace are simply perfection. As sweet as the favourite person in your life, our open heart studs are a perfect gift - they go with everything! And our open heart necklace is seriously stackable with any one of our classic chains. Gift as a set or individually; these pieces are très, très chic. J'adore! 

strut jewelry open heart stud earrings

strut jewelry open heart pendant necklace

Our XO studs represent a timeless sentiment; a simple reminder of love. Sending a receiving XOs is like being wrapped in a warm blanket by your favourite person. Gift your loved one our cute-as-a-button XO stud earrings this Valentine's Day! P.S. they're on clearance right now, so grab a pair for yourself, too!

strut jewelry xo stud earrings

Which of these pieces will you be gifting this year? Let us know in the comments below! 

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