Start Your Stack: How to Layer Rings like a Pro

Start Your Stack: How to Layer Rings like a Pro

Here at Strut Jewelry, we are 110% obsessed with rings. We love them so much, we can't wear just one - we layer them like our lives depend on it!

Stacking rings together creates endless style possibilities, and it's a great way to get super creative with your personal style. When you stack your rings, you create a look that is totally your own.

Ready to get stacking? Read on for our tips and inspo to build your custom ring stack.

Know your ring sizes
The first and most important step in creating your ring stack is knowing your ring size. Unsure of your size? Grab one of our ring sizers - it's reusable, so you can use it on every finger! Simply slip the end through the buckle, slide on your finger and adjust to a comfortable fit.

You can also come visit us at an upcoming show and we'll size you on the spot, then you can get to stacking right then and there!
strut jewelry ring sizer    a person reaching for rings on a Strut Jewelry display

Choose your statement ring
This is our fave way to start a ring stack. We pick our most-loved ring - whether it's our current obsession or a sentimental piece - and make that our base. We're currently head over heels for our Comfort Beaded Ring.

This beauty is minimal, modern, and made for every day. Part of our Comfort Collection, which is all about touch and grounding, this ring has moveable beads that encourage you to fidget to your heart's content.
        strut jewelry comfort beaded ring    
Start stackin'
Once you've found your fave ring, it's time to add more! If we're starting with a gem ring, we love to compliment it with a stacking ring.

Our Oval Opal Ring paired with our Chevron Ring is a stack we can't get enough of.

Hot tip: rings with thin bands are easier to stack together, because the more rings you add, the thicker the stack becomes. When you stack thin bands together, you can stack more!
strut jewelry oval opal chevron ring
Keep on stackin'
Who says you need to stack rings on just one finger? Invite all your fingers (and your other hand) to the party! Play around with metals and gems. Try pairing our gem rings with our petite gem rings - a great option if you like to colour coordinate your stack with your outfit.

But there are no rules here - keep adding rings until you've found that perfect stack. Can we please have a moment for this stunning Aaquamarine set?
strut jewelry aquamarine stacking rings   
Play with personal style
Each ring stack you create is totally unique to you. Whether you like a vintage look (have you tried our Heritage Opal Ring?) or a minimal modern vibe (our best-selling stacking rings are perfect), building your ring stack is all about experimenting with what you love.

And as an added bonus, the more rings you wear at once, the more you can change up your look on-the-go. So go ahead, get creative!
strut jewelry heritage opal rings    
Now you're ready to showcase your stunning stack, and we can't wait to see it! Tag us @strutjewelry so we can obsess over you and your incredible style. Happy stacking! 
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