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Zodiac Pendant Charm

Zodiac Pendant Charm

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Charm only, fits on any of our chains . Adorn yourself with the celestial beauty of our 14k gold-fill zodiac pendant charm. Each charm is created one-by-one, based on the constellation pattern for your unique star sign. Uniquely hand-textured with our stardust texture and hand-stamped with stars, each one is completely one-of-a-kind. You'll feel starry-eyed in this ethereal handcrafted pendant, made just for you.
✧ 14k gold-fill or sterling silver pendant measures approx 19mm
Charm only. Fits on our chains

Capricorn: Determined, resourceful, resilient 

Aquarius: Creative, intelligent, progressive

Pisces: Intuitive, compassionate, adaptable 

Aries: Independent, energetic, motivated

Taurus: Passionate, honest, steadfast

Gemini: Playful, social, quick-witted 

Cancer: Selfless, nurturing, trustworthy 

Leo: Bold, charismatic, big-hearted 

Virgo: Thoughtful, problem-solver, loyal 

Libra: Genuine, expressive, caring

Scorpio: Courageous, protective, hard-working

Sagittarius: Open-minded, direct, fun-loving 


We work in .925 sterling silver and 14k gold fill, which means your jewelry is perfect for daily wear. Read more about our materials.

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