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Gold-fill + Silver Fusion Faceted Double Circle Necklace

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  • Sterling silver and 14K gold-fill fused, faceted circle pendant necklace.
  • Handmade using a unique fusion technique that combines sterling silver and 14k gold-fill in the same shape; truly a mixed metal necklace!
  • Circles symbolize the cyclical nature of life; when there is bad then good will most certainly follow closely behind. They also represent the love and protection we feel when encircled by friends and family, and remind us of the simple beauty surrounding us always. And can we have a moment for how classy you'll look wearing it? You classy thing, you.
  • Made using thick gauge sterling silver and 14k gold-fill, textured, tumbled, and polished by hand.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1 inch wide. 
  • Medium-weight sterling silver rolo chain, available in 16" - 30".



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