Opal Sunburst Necklace - Gold


Chain length
Wearing our opal sunburst necklace is like basking in a pool of sunshine. Warm and bright and mesmerizingly colourful, this captivating piece can be layered with other necklaces or worn by itself as the centrepiece to your style. Opal is said to intensify emotions and release inhibitions, and we're pretty confident saying that you'll glow like the sun in this piece! 

  • This handmade necklace features a petite glowing smooth round lab-grown opal set in a sterling silver bezel on a faceted half-moon 14k gold-filled textured sunburst.
  • Lab-grown opal is more sustainable, durable & consistent than mined opals, and composed of the same minerals too!
  • Opal is said to intensify emotions and release inhibitions. It encourages both freedom and independence.
  • As with all our jewelry, made using just our hands, some well-loved tools, and incredible care in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Also available in sterling silver



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